Dancing with Jackals (gethenian) wrote,
Dancing with Jackals

Welcome to FUCK.

This is an article about my high school written by a former classmate of mine.

Read the article if you want to get angry.

Read the comments if you want to get homicidal.

Come for the legions of alumni showing up to defend their precious institution of brainwashed sadists.

Stay for the other alumni commenting with more horror stories of horrors inflicted on students by this place.

Grab your popcorn for the crowning jewel of unimaginable wrongness that is the story of the girl who suffered years of abuse and rape and was told by the school administration to go tell the resident priest, who told her that it was God's will and that she must endure it as punishment for her sins and never try to escape or tell anyone what was happening to her.

Then grab your torches and your pitchforks. Because the scariest people you'll ever hear about this Halloween aren't the witches or the zombies or the vampires or the werewolves... they're worse than Twilight... they're Opus Dei. And this ONE SCHOOL has done actual, demonstrable harm to more people than Stephanie Meyer could ever DREAM of doing, however popular her misguided fictional bullshit gets to be.

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