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So... I got a $50 Amazon gift card for Christmas. Officially, it took me less than a month to get through that, and yes, I mean even by ONLY buying one, possibly two books at a time and then acquiring more only when I finished those. (There is a LITTLE exaggeration here in that I did use some of the balance on that card to get one of the books for an RP I'm starting, but still... point is, I have READ all but the last 1/4 of the last book I got from that card.)

And then my paycheck went through. For some reason, our last pay period was closer to 3 weeks than 2. Which means I have a little cash to burn.

And that was when I realized my deeply-rooted need to read every book Dan Simmons has ever written.

Sooooo I might have kinda acquired 4 more of those, which will sit happily on my Kindle like the most easily manageable and accessible "to be read" stack in the world.

I'll get back to them as soon as I read "Cloud Atlas" (Kyle made it sound really good, so it gets to go first) which, upon purchasing, made me realize something about how my rate of devouring books has increased since I got this nifty little device for my last birthday, only 11 months ago...

Glancing over the details of "Cloud Atlas," I noticed the page count, which is 374 or so. The first thought I had was one of mild disappointment in the fact that the book was so SHORT.


...I think I may have been a little spoiled by reading so many truly magnificent series books (The Hunger Games, A Song of Ice and Fire, How to Succeed in Evil, Wool, John Dies At The End/This Book is Full of Spiders, the Hyperion Cantos), I'm no longer used to books that stand alone and are under 800 pages long.

I need to go through my kindle list and add up how many pages I've read in the past year. It's one of those things I know will unquestionably blow my mind, and since I don't do drugs, sometimes I need to figure out ways to do that to myself in somewhat unconventional ways....

EDIT: Okay, I went through all the books I've put on my Kindle and read since I got it 11 months ago.

Combined page count to date: 14,684.

It won't take me a whole month to read Cloud Atlas, but when I finish that, it'll be just over an even 15,000. At the rate I read stuff, depending on which book I decide to read after Cloud Atlas, it's likely to be VERY close to 16,000 by my birthday, which is when I got this thing last year.

Also... this page count doesn't include physical books I have read (300 pages just this week), magazine articles, comic books, or online articles (in the past few months I've also gone through the entire archive of cracked.com back to 2004 and read every single article that attracted my interest.... so, most of them. I have no idea how to even START calculating that number).

Oh and um... I also... sort of... misplaced my Kindle for about 2 months this summer... and didn't do much reading during that time, if any... so technically the 16,000 pages plus probably several thousand more in things not read from my kindle is applicable to more like 10 months... So if I were to assign a random number of pages covering the entire Cracked archive, non-digital books, comics, articles, etc, I think I could easily put a very, very conservative estimate of 25,000 pages if not 30,000 or 35,000, which averages out to around 100-120 pages per day.

The sad thing is... that number still feels low to me. I really do read THAT MUCH.

Books are friggin' awesome, guys.

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